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Unfortunately, there are going to be some changes around here. (8-Jun-2020)

SFC petitions to wind up Combest (8190)
SFC, 21-May-2020
At last, some real action. Webb-site filed a detailed complaint on this matter with the SFC on 21-Dec-2017. The SFC now alleges over-priced acquisitions identified in our complaint. The sellers were BVI companies the owners of which were not disclosed. The SFC alleges 2 directors and a suspected shadow director, one Mr Ng Kwok Fai, caused losses of HK$293m to Combest. Notably the SFC seeks a winding-up rather than just compensatory orders. They should do this more often - many other companies suspended by the SFC, including Lerado (1225) are in such limbo.

SFC obtains disqualification orders against ex-directors of EganaGoldpfeilEgana and Upbest
SFC, 11-May-2020
Almost 13 years after Webb-site blew the whistle on this fraudulent firm, which promptly collapsed, 3 of the culprits are banned as directors for 6-9 years. No compensation order is made. We remain surprised that no criminal charges were made.

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