Tuesday 11th May 2021

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Carrie Lam, Broadcaster-in-Chief
Contradicting a 2018 statement to the Legislative Council, the HK Government is now in the TV distribution business, removing competition and exclusivity by buying the Tokyo Olympics with your tax dollars and sublicensing them for free, risking a thinning-out of coverage. What next? (11-May-2021)

SFC launches Govt welfare scheme for property tycoons
Well, not all tycoons, only larger ones. (10-May-2021)

The long-awaited Law Reform Commission report on an archives law
With RTHK, a Government Department, currently destroying its online archives, we asked the LRC why there has been no report 26 months after a consultation on an archives law closed. Here is their response. (6-May-2021)


How to end HK's border lockdown
HK's economic recovery depends on fully re-opening its borders, but it can't when so few have been vaccinated. With near-zero COVID, we must use other vaccination incentives. We propose a 4-pronged solution, including a VacciLottery and an inbound travel exemption. (27-Apr-2021)


HK residents revolt against Covid-19 quarantine campReg 599A s2
Bloomberg, 7-May-2021
The residents are revolting! Good to see, as we have said, they probably don't fit the legal definition of "contacts" under Reg. 599A, namely that they are "likely" to have been exposed to risk of infection. Even less so in larger buildings like Tower 11 of Caribbean Coast, where 1027 residents were evacuated.

Webb on "The Pulse" TV re access to Companies Registry data
RTHK, 30-Apr-2021

Open access to Companies Registry information serves the public interest, outweighing privacy concerns
South China Morning Post, 29-Apr-2021
An op-ed from Gordon Jones, former Companies Registrar.

Former Companies Registrar says HK's reputation will suffer if access to Companies Registry data is curbed
Apple Daily, 27-Apr-2021

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