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People born on

Name Year of birth Age in 2015 Date of death
Bowring, Simon Kai Yu 1986 29
Tsui, Robin Chi Kit 1982 33
Rufus Isaacs, Alexander Gerald 1957 58
Guinness, Timothy Roberts 1956 59
Li, Fred Wah Ming 1955 60
Li, Lihui 1952 63
Harilela, David J (aka Harilela Devidas) 1949 66
Dawnay, Valentine George 1948 67 14-Feb-2004
Chu, Aloysius Fee Loong 1947 68
Qin, Xiao (1947) 1947 68
Lau, Butt Farn 1947 68
Sutherland, Peter Denis 1946 69
Shire, Talia 1946 69
Wong, Peter Hong Yuen 1944 71
Wong, Senta Chung Tung 1943 72
Anson, Thomas Patrick John 1939 76 11-Nov-2005
Carstairs, Ronald 1939 76 2003
Hughes-Hallett, Robert Vernon 1918 97
Cowperthwaite, John James 1915 100 21-Jan-2006
Smith Presley, Gladys Love 1912 103 14-Aug-1958
Soady, Mary Ann 1901 114
Windsor, Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary 1897 118 28-Mar-1965
Munk, Anker Richard 1896 119 Aug-1951
Colwell, Kent Galbraith 1896 119 1991
Peter-Hoblyn, Charles Henry Harris 1863 152 24-Aug-1863
Paget, Alexander Victor 1839 176 26-Oct-1896
Brooks, Abigail Brown 1808 207 6-Jun-1889
Chetwynd-Talbot, Charles 1777 238 10-Jan-1849
Brudenell, Robert (1760) 1760 255 14-Aug-1837
Boyle, Richard 1694 321 3-Dec-1753
de Mortimer, Roger 1287 728 29-Nov-1330
Plantagenet, Edward II of Carnarvon 1284 731 21-Sep-1327

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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