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People born on

Name Year of birth Age in 2014 Date of death
Agnew, Mark Douglas Noel 1991 23
Rufus Isaacs, Natasha Rose Eleanor 1983 31
Chiu, Winnie Wing Kwan 1980 34
Bush, George Prescott 1976 38
Lee, Delman 1967 47
Ryan, Timothy James 1967 47
Wong, Chun Kam 1963 51
Jones, Sheila 1959 55
Cheung, William Kam Hung 1949 65
Lee, Allen Peng Fei 1940 74
Scott, John Joseph Nicholas 1937 77
Au-Yeung, Anthony Fu 1935 79
Freud, Clement Raphael 1924 90 15-Apr-2009
Cheung, Kit Hoi 1921 93
Harilela, George Jethanand Naroomal 1920 94 8-Dec-2006
Cholmondeley, George Hugh 1919 95 13-Mar-1990
Grosvenor, Robert George 1910 104 19-Feb-1979
Wynn-Carington, Albert Edward Charles Robert 1895 119 19-May-1915
Manners, Violet Catherine (d) 1888 126
Clifford, Charles Oswald Hugh 1887 127 1-Feb-1962
Herbert, Constance Gwladys 1859 155 27-Oct-1917
Stopford, James George Henry 1823 191 28-Nov-1914
Bridgeman, Orlando George Charles 1819 195 9-Mar-1898
von Rothschild, Carl Mayer 1788 226 10-Mar-1855
Stanhope, Fitzroy Henry Richard 1787 227 11-Apr-1864
Finch, Heneage (1786) 1786 228 3-Jan-1859
Tracy, Hannah 1755 259 28-Apr-1797
Holles, Gilbert 1633 381 16-Jan-1689

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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