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People born on

Name Year of birth Age in 2015 Date of death
Guinness, Tara Victoria 1991 24
Coak, Symon Trevelyan 1972 43
Kinoshita, Yuri 1964 51
Robinson, George Edward Silvanus 1956 59
Sixt, Frank John 陸法蘭 1951 64
Soady, Glenn Leighton 1950 65
Siu, Gordon Kwing Chue 蕭炯柱 1945 70
Dunham Sutoro, Stanley Ann 1942 73 7-Nov-1995
Nagano, Kiyoshi 1940 75
Kerr, Andrew Philip 1933 82
Kidston, Jean Hilda 1919 96
Baring, Rowland Thomas 1877 138 13-May-1953
Lindley, Nathaniel 1828 187 9-Dec-1921
Stanhope, George Philip 1822 193
Paget, Catesby 1809 206 16-Jul-1878
Legge, William (1784) 1784 231 22-Nov-1853
Cadogan, Charles Henry Sloane 1749 266 23-Dec-1832
de Mowbray, John (1310) 1310 705 4-Oct-1361

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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