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People born on

Name Year of birth Age in 2014 Date of death
Kennedy, Caroline Summer Rose 1994 20
Chan, Ivan Sheung Wan 1974 40
Hathorn, James Horace V 1966 48 Sep-2003
Miyazaki, Makoto 1964 50
Bewley, Jeremy 1957 57
Rugge-Price, Juliet 1954 60
Hong, Zhihua 1952 62
Yip, Vicky Veronica 1948 66 30-Jul-1987
Miller-Day, James Anthony 1947 67 31-Dec-2013
Wong, Philip Yu Hong 1938 76
Pemberton, Brian Arthur 1938 76
Guinness, John Ralph Sidney 1935 79
Lee, Chark Tim 1934 80 22-May-2007
Green, Dale Robert 1930 84
Pease, Marion Rachel 1928 86 15-Apr-1934
Chan, Yuk Kwan (1924) 1924 90
Roosevelt, James (1907) 1907 107 13-Aug-1991
Grosvenor, William 1894 120 22-Feb-1963
Pease, Edward Reynolds 1857 157 5-Jan-1955
Yarde-Buller, John (1823) 1823 191 6-May-1867
Seymour, Francis Payne 1815 199 4-Jul-1870
Douglas, George Sholto 1789 225 31-Mar-1858
Howard, William (1714) (d) 1714 300
Finch, Heneage (1621) 1621 393 18-Dec-1682

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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