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People born on

Name Year of birth Age in 2014 Date of death
Keswick, Martha 1974 40
Strickland, Andrew 1964 50
Makin, Lyndall Jane 1958 56
Lai, Chun Wah 1956 58
Pease, Rosamund Mary 1953 61
Cheung, Yuen Wa 1953 61
Yuen, Francis Tin Fan 1952 62
Bu, Fan Xiao 1945 69
Davies, David (1940) 1940 74
Magnus, George Colin 1935 79
Bentinck, Henry Noel 1919 95 30-Jan-1997
Broughton, Evelyn Delves 1915 99 5-Jan-1993
Hooker Rockefeller, Blanchette Ferry 1909 105 29-Nov-1992
Fermoy, Ruth Sylvia 1908 106 6-Jul-1993
Montagu, Alexander George Francis Drogo 1902 112 23-Nov-1977
Pease, Michael Stewart 1890 124 27-Jul-1966
Hughes-Hallett, Ernest 1849 165 17-Apr-1900
Primrose, Archibald 1809 205 23-Jan-1851
FitzGibbon, Richard Hobart 1793 221 10-Jan-1864
Jackson, James (1777) 1777 237 27-Aug-1867
Hervey, Frederick William (1769) 1769 245 15-Feb-1859
Plantagenet, Richard III 1452 562 22-Aug-1485

Note: the list may include dead people. If a person is known to be dead but we do not know when he/she died, then this is indicated by a (d) against their name.

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