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Webb-site Who's Who

Welcome to Webb-site Who's Who, a free database of the people and organisations of Hong Kong, drawing together publicly available data. Please attribute any use of this database to Webb-site.com in your research or publication. This is a work in progress, so check back regularly for new features, and let us know any features you would like to see. To search by stock code or person-name, use the boxes at the top of any page on this site.

League tables
Webb-site League Tables of advisers
Webb-site League Table of directors
League tables of SFC licensees
Latest changes in SFC licensees
Historic total of SFC licensees

Web sites
HK-listed companies' web sites
HK-listed companies without web sites

HK-listed boards
Board composition per Co
Distribution of directors per Co
Distribution of female directors per Co
Directorships by type and gender
Distribution of directorships per person
Distribution of INEDs per Co
Distribution of INEDs per person
Directorships per person
Age distribution of directors
Latest HK-listed directors


Latest director dealings

Chambers of commerce
The Chung Nam Network
Governmental bodies
HKSAR advisory bodies
HKSAR awards
HKSAR judiciary
HKSAR statutory bodies

HK-listed securities    
All shares current  past
Main board primary-listed shares current past
Growth Enterprise Market shares current past
Secondary-listed shares current past
Real Estate Investment Trusts current past
Collective Investment Schemes current past
H-shares on main board & GEM current past
H-shares on main board current past
H-shares on GEM current past
All subscription warrants current past
Main board warrants current past
GEM warrants current past
Rights current past
Main board rights current past
GEM rights current past

Market values
Main Board and GEM
Main Board
H-shares on Main Board and GEM
H-shares on Main Board
H-shares on GEM
Distribution of stocks by board lot

Webb-site Total Returns
All Webb-site Total Returns
Single-stock Webb-site Total Return
Compare Webb-site Total Returns

Rights issues and open offers
Splits, consolidations and bonus issues

HK-registered companies
Annual rate of incorporation/dissolution
Number of survivors by year of incorporation
HK companies by incorporation date and type
HK companies by dissolution date, method, type
Foreign companies by registration date
Name changes of HK companies in last 30 days

Main Board
All HK-listed
HK-registered foreign companies
Domicile changes

Main Board

Reporting speed
Main Board

CCASS concentration analysis
CCASS Investor Participant stakes
CCASS participants and holdings
HKID index (suspended)
Listed companies by market annually
Shanghai-HK connect southbound positions
Short positions disclosed to SFC
Unused stock codes under 1000

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