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One Country, Two Typhoons
Look at this weather map. What a perfect metaphor for the markets. (9-Jul-2015)

Webb to defend HK media freedom in landmark appeal
In a public hearing on 13-Jul-2015, Webb-site's founder, editor and publisher will appeal against an Enforcement Notice issued by the Privacy Commissioner which, if upheld, would have wide-ranging implications for freedom of speech and publication in HK and access to media archives of HK-based publishers. (4-Jul-2015)

Bonus hogwash
The Stock Exchange and SFC continue to allow companies to make false and misleading statements about "bonus" issues of shares - we take a look at the latest example. (11-Jun-2015)

Porky Yorkey, Round 2
Webb-site urges shareholders of Yorkey (2788) to vote against connected transactions with the largest shareholder and urges the board to distribute the surplus cash, which has grown fatter since our previous campaign in 2013. We also warn Citibank not to stuff the ballot with a discretionary proxy appointed by management as they did at the 2014 AGM. (1-Jun-2015)

Hanergy (0566): a complaint
Webb-site publishes a complaint we filed with SEHK and the SFC on 9-May-2015. (28-May-2015)

Principles of Responsible Regulation
Webb-site calls on the SFC, Government and HKEx to get serious about facilitating investor stewardship. Principles of Responsible Ownership are only useful if regulators address the deficiencies in Hong Kong's governance framework for listed companies. We call on readers to make a submission and support our proposed Principles of Responsible Regulation. (26-May-2015)

Putting the FRC in Farcical (updated 22-May-2015)
In a shocking failure to recognise a basic and obvious accounting and auditing error, HK's Financial Reporting Council rejected our complaint. The listed company involved has now admitted the error. We call on the FRC's Process Review Panel to investigate how it deals with complaints. (16-Apr-2015)

Southbound net settlements on 9-Apr for trades on 2-Apr
Bookmark this page and check it daily - enter any date you like in the "to" box. Settlements are normally 2 working days after transactions. (10-Apr-2015)

Lee Kuan Yew arrives in Liverpool, 1946
Singapore was then a British colony, but the entry records record him as both a citizen of China and British. Also on the same ship were future leading figures in HK. (30-Mar-2015)

Government cites Webb-site board stats without attribution
The Government has cited statistics from Webb-site Who's Who without attribution, instead attributing them to SEHK. You're welcome. (25-Mar-2015)

China Money Recycling
A graphic from this week's judgment on China Metal Recycling (0773) seems strangely familiar. (14-Mar-2015)

NPCSC poll results: not much optimism
The results of the Webb-site Opinion Poll on "NPCSC decision - pocket or not" show that the opponents of the NPCSC proposal don't want to get stuck with it, but they don't expect a veto will produce a better offer for 2022. Meanwhile the proponents recognise that the current offer is fake democracy, but they think it is worth taking in the hope of real democracy later. (10-Feb-2015)

Other news

SFC fines Nomura International (HK) Ltd HK$4.5m for regulatory breach
SFC, 30-Jul-2015
According to SFC license records collected by Webb-site Who's Who, the only person licensed to Nomura (HK) Ltd from exactly 31-Dec-2012 to 6-Jun-2013 was Mr Masashi Yonezawa, who must be Mr X.

Suzanne Ruth Henderson v Scott Henderson
HK Court of First Instance, 14-Jul-2015
The judge finds pilot Scott Henderson in contempt of court beyond reasonable doubt for siphoning off funds from 2 accounts to avoid a Mareva injunction obtained by his ex-wife Suzanne Ruth Henderson.

SFC bans Laura Kiang Mang Yi for 3 years
SFC, 13-Jul-2015
For lying about graduating from NYU and then buying a fake certificate to cover it.

SFC suspends Tai Nga Chun, ex Kingston Corporate Finance, for operating secret account
SFC, 13-Jul-2015
The suspension is for 8 months. She went on to work for Pan Asia Corporate Finance Ltd and then Ping An of China Capital (HK) Co Ltd where she ceased to be registered on 12-Jun-2015.

HK Government launches Fashion Advisory Group (FAG)
HK Government, 13-Jul-2015
Yes, really, that's the unfortunate acronym, or to use its longer name, the "Advisory Group on Implementation of Fashion Initiatives" - because apparently the Government has no dress sense. And who is chairing this thing? Trust Victor Lo Chung Wing, GBS, JP, the best-dressed head of a battery and electronics manufacturer you are ever likely to meet.

Hampton, Winter and Glynn v Rolands Janis Vilums
HK District Court, 10-Jul-2015
Mr Vilums is given unconditional leave to defend a claim for HK$514k of legal bills in his divorce case.

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