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Li, David Kwok Po 李國寶

Gender: M
HKID: Find it yourself
Estimated date of birth:13-Mar-1939
Estimated age:76 years 261 days


Non-lineal relatives

Chong, Keefe Ka Hai (1970 - ) Cousin 
Poon, Penny Kam Chui ( - ) Spouse 


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Li, Fook Shu 李福樹 (30-May-1912 - 21-May-1995)
2 Li, Koon Chun 李冠春 (1887 - 1966)
3 Li, Shek Pang (1863 - 1916)
4 Li Woo, Daisy Tze Ha (22-Apr-1917 - 26-Feb-2015)


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Li, Adrian David Man Kiu 李民橋 (3-Sep-1973 - )
2 Li, Brian David Man Bun 李民斌 (10-Nov-1974 - )


Note: holdings may be incomplete and/or outdated. Holdings in listed companies are not shown as the filings are currently too difficult to automate and the holdings change too rapidly.

Issuer Domicile Incorporated Issue Shares Stake Holding date
DAVID LI KWOK-PO CHARITABLE FOUNDATION LIMITED HKHong Kong 2007-03-19 Guarantee co membership     2012-12-31
Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited HKHong Kong 2006-02-02 A-share   10.00% 2008-02-26

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