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Pease, Jocelyn Richenda Gammell

  • Key data

Gender: F
Estimated date of birth:22-Oct-1925
Estimated age:90 years 38 days


Non-lineal relatives

Huxley, Andrew Fielding (22-Nov-1917 - ) Spouse 


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Pease, Michael Stewart (2-Oct-1890 - 27-Jul-1966)
2 Pease, Edward Reynolds (23-Dec-1857 - 5-Jan-1955)
3 Pease, Thomas (1816) (31-Jan-1816 - 16-Jan-1884)
4 Pease, Thomas Benson (11-Aug-1782 - 24-May-1846)
5 Pease, Thomas (1743) (8-Mar-1743 - 29-Jan-1811)
6 Wedgwood, Helen Bowen (1895 - 1981)
7 Bowen, Ethel Kate (1869 - 1952)
8 Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher (29-Aug-1831 - 10-Apr-1894)
9 Rendel, Emily Frances (31-Oct-1835 - 24-Mar-1897)
10 Rendel, James Meadows (Dec-1799 - 21-Nov-1856)
11 Wedgwood, Josiah Clement (16-Mar-1872 - 26-Jul-1943)
12 Rendel, Catherine Emily (1840 - 6-Apr-1921)
Rendel, James Meadows (Dec-1799 - 21-Nov-1856) see line 10
13 Wedgwood, Clement Francis ( - 24-Jan-1889)
14 Wedgwood, Francis (24-Nov-1800 - 2-Oct-1888)
15 Wedgwood, Josiah (1769) (3-Apr-1769 - 12-Jul-1843)
16 Wedgwood, Josiah (1730) (12-Jul-1730 - 3-Jan-1795)
17 Wedgwood, Thomas (11-Jun-1685 - 27-Jun-1739)


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Huxley, Camilla Rosalind (12-Mar-1952 - )
2 Huxley, Clare Marjory Pease (4-Nov-1962 - )
3 Huxley, Eleanor Bruce (21-Feb-1959 - )
4 Huxley, Henrietta Catherine (25-Dec-1960 - )
5 Huxley, Janet Rachel (20-Apr-1948 - )
6 Huxley, Stewart Leonard (19-Dec-1949 - )

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