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Chu Li, Pollyanna Yuet Wah 朱李月華

Gender: F
Estimated date of birth:1958
Estimated age:57 years


Non-lineal relatives

Li, Dilys Yuet Mei 李月薇 ( - ) Sibling 
Chu, Yuk Kuen 朱沃權 (1955 - ) Sibling-in-law 
Chu, Nicholas Yuk Yui 朱沃裕 (1952 - ) Spouse 


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Lee, Wai Man (aka Lee Shiu Fook) 李惠文 (1929 - )
2 Ma, Siu Fong 馬少芳 ( - )


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Chu, Kingston Chun Ho 朱俊浩 (1984 - )


Note: holdings may be incomplete and/or outdated. Holdings in listed companies are not shown as the filings are currently too difficult to automate and the holdings change too rapidly.

Issuer Domicile Incorporated Issue Shares Stake Holding date
Active Dynamic Limited VGBritish Virgin Islands 2010-02-10 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2012-01-03
Best China Limited (VG) VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares   100.00% 2013-03-31
Best Forth Limited VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares   100.00% 2015-04-24
Drifting Swan Holding Limited VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares   100.00% 2003-07-31
KINGSTON CAPITAL LIMITED HKHong Kong 1997-03-19 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2012-01-03
Magic Ring Holdings Limited VGBritish Virgin Islands Ordinary shares   100.00% 2011-02-25
Sure Expert Limited VGBritish Virgin Islands 2004-11-12 Ordinary shares   100.00% 2012-01-03

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