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Main board

Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Chan, Kau Yu      M EDExecutive Director    29-Sep-1990
2 Chang, Robert Wan Lung    50  M EDExecutive Director  21-May-2007  27-Oct-2011
3 Chao, Frank Sze Bang 趙世彭   80  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1-Jan-1994  17-Feb-2001
4 Chen, Dagang    61  M NEDNon-Executive Director  31-Dec-1999  18-Aug-2000
5 Cheng, Xiu Sheng (1945) 程秀生   69  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  27-Oct-2011  24-Jan-2014
6 Cheung, Frankie Ka Heng 張嘉恒   41  M EDExecutive Director  2-Oct-2009  6-Nov-2010
7 Cheung, Sze Ming 張詩敏   46  M FDFinance Director  27-Oct-2011  
8 Chow, Lily 周莉莉   51  F EDExecutive Director  15-May-1996  27-Oct-2011
9 Chow, Oscar Vee Tsung 周維正   40  M EDExecutive Director  18-Apr-2005  1-Apr-2007
MDManaging Director  1-Apr-2007  27-Oct-2011
10 Chow, Shiu Ki 周肇基   46  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  27-Oct-2011  
11 Chow, Yei Ching 周亦卿   79  M Ch,MD,FdrChairman, Managing Director, Founder    1996
Ch,FdrChairman,Founder  1996  27-Oct-2011
12 Fan, Amy Lizhen    53  F EDExecutive Director  2-Oct-2009  6-Nov-2010
13 Fung, Pak Kwan 馮伯坤   62  M Dep MDDeputy Managing Director    1996
MDManaging Director  1996  1-Apr-2007
14 Fung, Wo Shun    66  M EDExecutive Director    1-Apr-2002
15 Ho, Johnson Sai Hou 何世豪   48  M FD,CosecFinance Director, Company Secretary  1-Apr-2008  16-Sep-2009
16 Huang, Shenglan 黃勝藍   63  M NEDNon-Executive Director  18-Aug-2000  21-Sep-2001
17 Kan, Ka Hon 簡嘉翰   63  M EDExecutive Director    31-Mar-2008
18 Kuok, Hoi Sang 郭海生   64  M EDExecutive Director    27-Oct-2011
19 Kwong, Man Sing 鄺文星   68  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  30-Sep-2004  31-Mar-2008
20 Lau, Frank Kai Shu    72  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1-Apr-2008  27-Oct-2011
21 Leung, Kwong Kin (1947) 梁光建   67  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  1-Apr-2008  27-Oct-2011
22 Li, Kwong Yuk 李光煜   52  M ChChairman  27-Oct-2011  
23 Poon, Chung Kwong 潘宗光   74  M NEDNon-Executive Director  1-Jan-1994  8-Dec-1994
24 Su, Xiaonong 蘇曉濃   50  M CEOChief Executive Officer  27-Oct-2011  
25 Sun, Dong Sheng 孫東升   56  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  27-Oct-2011  
26 Tang, Tony Xueyi    64  M NEDNon-Executive Director  29-Sep-1997  31-Dec-1999
27 Wong, Alexis Lit Chor 黃烈初   57  M NEDNon-Executive Director  29-Sep-1997  17-Mar-2000
28 Wu, Henry King Cheong 胡經昌   63  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  7-Oct-2002  27-Oct-2011
29 Yi, Zhenqiu    71  M NEDNon-Executive Director  9-May-2000  8-Aug-2001
30 Yonehara, Shinichi 米原慎一   63  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  15-May-2001  1-Apr-2010
31 Yuen, Francis Tin Fan 袁天凡   62  M INEDIndependent Non-Executive Director  8-Dec-1994  20-Sep-2002


Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Chan, Eric Kwong Leung 陳鄺良     M CoSecCompany Secretary  30-Sep-2013  
2 Man, Lavender Tsz Sai 文紫茜   43  F CoSecCompany Secretary  27-Oct-2011  30-Sep-2013
3 Mui, Chin Leung 梅展良     M CoSecCompany Secretary  16-Sep-2009  27-Oct-2011

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