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SFC licensees

Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Chan, Wun Kwong 陳桓洸      RepRepresentative  19-Oct-2009  20-Feb-2013
2 Ching, Hiu Fai 程曉輝      RepRepresentative  30-Nov-2011  20-Feb-2013
3 Fanjaud, Xavier Paul Christian      M RepRepresentative  9-Jul-2010  20-Feb-2013
4 Gao, Yifei 高逸菲      RepRepresentative  13-Dec-2012  20-Feb-2013
5 Heffner, Paul Lincoln 韓福南   50  M Resp OffResponsible Officer  20-Jan-2010  1-Feb-2013
RepRepresentative  1-Feb-2013  5-Feb-2013
6 Hibbs, Mark Ashley      M RepRepresentative  11-Apr-2012  26-Oct-2012
RepRepresentative  15-Jan-2013  20-Feb-2013
7 Ho, Edmund Chi Chung 何智聰     M RepRepresentative  23-Aug-2012  20-Feb-2013
8 Ho, Emma Suk Kwan 何淑君     F RepRepresentative  11-Sep-2012  
9 Ho, Tiffany Lok Man 何樂敏     F RepRepresentative  9-Nov-2010  23-Sep-2011
10 Hu, Wesley Wen      M RepRepresentative  30-Sep-2009  6-Nov-2009
Resp OffResponsible Officer  6-Nov-2009  
11 Jor, Thomas Hon Cheung 左翰鏘     M RepRepresentative  13-Oct-2011  9-Jun-2012
12 Kwan, Sin Hang 關善衡      RepRepresentative  24-May-2010  30-May-2011
13 Lai, Wing Wah 黎烈誠      RepRepresentative  4-Mar-2011  2-Dec-2011
14 Lam, Geoffrey Man Hon 林汶翰     M Resp OffResponsible Officer  28-Jan-2010  31-Mar-2011
15 Lam, Kai Chun 林嘉駿      RepRepresentative  18-Apr-2011  
16 Lau, Barry Wang Chi 劉宏智     M RepRepresentative  1-Apr-2010  8-Jun-2011
Resp OffResponsible Officer  8-Jun-2011  1-Feb-2013
RepRepresentative  1-Feb-2013  5-Feb-2013
17 Lau, Pak Hong (SFC:AOT502) 劉柏康   48  M RepRepresentative  26-May-2010  20-Feb-2013
18 Lee, Don Dongki 李東基      Resp OffResponsible Officer  21-Nov-2012  18-Feb-2013
19 Levy, Howard Raymond      M RepRepresentative  12-Oct-2011  18-Nov-2011
20 Lim, Sau Fat 林守發      RepRepresentative  11-Dec-2009  7-May-2010
21 Luk, Chun Kin 陸晉建      RepRepresentative  3-Oct-2012  1-Aug-2013
22 McLennan, Jennifer Carver      F RepRepresentative  11-Jan-2011  31-Aug-2011
23 Ng, Kitty Kit Yee 吳潔怡     F RepRepresentative  11-Dec-2009  20-Feb-2013
24 O'Connell, Carl Manning      M Resp OffResponsible Officer  6-Oct-2008  27-Nov-2008
25 Shearer, Ian Kevin      M RepRepresentative  5-Aug-2010  2-Dec-2011
26 Shin, Kyle Kiyoung    44  M Resp OffResponsible Officer  6-Oct-2008  
27 Sin, Wai Kit 冼偉傑      RepRepresentative  23-Dec-2009  10-Sep-2010
28 Sun, Weshiang 孫尉翔      Resp OffResponsible Officer  10-Jul-2009  12-Nov-2009
29 Sze, Selina Hoi Yan 施愷殷     F RepRepresentative  11-Dec-2009  25-Mar-2011
30 Tanudiredja, Kwandy       RepRepresentative  11-Dec-2009  19-Apr-2010
31 Tseng, Bruce Hung Yan 曾鴻恩     M RepRepresentative  17-Jan-2012  20-Feb-2013
32 Wan, Yin Lam 尹燕琳      RepRepresentative  11-Dec-2009  4-Dec-2010
33 Wang, Mengyao 王梦瑶      RepRepresentative  6-Jul-2010  20-Feb-2013
34 Wong, Alan Pui Lun 黃沛麟     M RepRepresentative  11-Dec-2009  15-Jun-2010
35 Wong, Shy Kuo       RepRepresentative  11-Dec-2009  13-Dec-2010
36 Wong, Vivien 黃詠欣     F RepRepresentative  29-Jul-2010  14-Sep-2012
37 Yu, Benjamin Kwan Shun 余君信     M RepRepresentative  21-Apr-2011  20-Feb-2013
38 Yu, Chloe Chi Tsing 余祉澄     F RepRepresentative  5-Jul-2010  20-Feb-2013
39 Zeng, Oliver Liang 曾亮     M RepRepresentative  1-Feb-2010  19-Apr-2010
40 Zhi, Wendian 支文典      RepRepresentative  6-May-2011  20-Feb-2013

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