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My Affection Holdings Limited 囍悅策劃控股有限公司

Domicile:Hong Kong
Type:Private, ltd by shares
HK companies registry: 1432487

Name history

Old English name Old Chinese name Until Old domicile
Angel Love Studio (HK) Company Limited  天使之戀攝影(香港)有限公司  8-Jan-2013  


Note: holdings may be incomplete and/or outdated. Listed companies are in bold.

Issuer Dom. Incorporated Issue Shares Stake Date
Dreamy Bridal Limited HKHong Kong 15-Oct-2010 Ordinary    100.00%  16-Mar-2012
My Affection Limited HKHong Kong 27-Jan-2011 Ordinary    100.00%  16-Mar-2012

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