N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School

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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Carmen Ka Mun 陳嘉敏 F 61 CouncillorCouncillor
2 Cheng, Shu Ming 鄭樹明 M CouncillorCouncillor
3 Lau, Kenneth Ip Keung 劉業強 M 58 ChChairman
4 Leung, Fuk Yuen 梁福元 M 67 CouncillorCouncillor
5 Man, Fu Wan 文富穩 M 68 Vice ChVice Chairman
6 Man, Ping Nam 文炳南 M CouncillorCouncillor
7 Shum, Wilson Ho Kit 沈豪傑 M 46 CouncillorCouncillor
8 Tang, Ho Nin 鄧賀年 M 65 CouncillorCouncillor
9 Tang, Lai Tung 鄧勵東 M 66 Vice ChVice Chairman
10 Tang, Shui Man (1980) 鄧瑞文 F 44 CouncillorCouncillor
11 Tang, Tat Sin 鄧達善 CouncillorCouncillor
12 Tsang, Hin Keung 曾憲強 M 67 CouncillorCouncillor


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Yuen, Kwong Yip 袁廣業 M PrincipalPrincipal

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