HKSAR Tai Po District Fight Crime Committee 香港特別行政區大埔區撲滅罪行委員會

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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Lee, Jeanne Sai Yin 李細燕 F 61 ChChairman
2 Chan, Henry Chi Chiu 陳志超 M 50 MemberMember
3 Chan, Patrick Sai Hung 陳世雄 M MemberMember
4 Chan, Pui Tim 陳佩添 M MemberMember 2021
5 Chan, Suk Yee (SAB) 陳淑兒 F MemberMember
6 Cheung, Kam Yu (Ag & Fish) 張錦如 M 52 MemberMember
7 Cheung, Kwok Tung 張國棟 M MemberMember
8 Cheung, Wayne Wang Kei 張宏基 M 43 MemberMember
9 Ching, Ka Hung 程家鴻 M MemberMember
10 Choi, Kam Kong 蔡錦光 M MemberMember
11 Fan, Alex Hoi Kit 范凱傑 M 33 MemberMember
12 Kwok, Ling Wan 郭凌雲 F MemberMember
13 Lam, B 林啤 M MemberMember
14 Lam, Yick Kuen 林奕權 M MemberMember 2021
15 Law, Kai Ping 羅嘉萍 F MemberMember
16 Li, Rex Wah Kwong 李華光 M 53 MemberMember
17 Li, Yiu Ban 李耀斌 M 67 MemberMember
18 Liu, Bonnia Wai Ying 廖惠英 F MemberMember 2021
19 Poon, Hing Fai 潘慶輝 M MemberMember
20 Su, Wei Sheng 蘇偉昇 M MemberMember
21 Tam, Eric Wing Fun 譚榮勳 M 43 MemberMember
22 Tang, Patrick Ming Tai 鄧銘泰 M 68 MemberMember
23 Wai, Elaine Yi Ling 韋伊凌 F MemberMember
24 Wong, Jannie Yan Yan 黃欣欣 F MemberMember
25 Wu, Cheuk Him 胡綽謙 M 37 MemberMember

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