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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Arculli, Johanna Klara Josefine F ChChairman
2 Dai, David Lok Kwan 戴樂群 M CommitteeCommittee
3 Harilela, Lena F CommitteeCommittee
4 Lee, Christina Oi Ping 李愛平 F CommitteeCommittee
5 Ma Thompson, Nancy F CommitteeCommittee
6 Ogilvy-Stuart, Jessica Mary Therese F CommitteeCommittee
7 Tao Chevalier, Veronica F Hon SecHonorary Secretary
8 Tsang, Peter Hon Man M CommitteeCommittee
9 Yung, Simon Yun Sang 容潤笙 M CommitteeCommittee
10 Bridgewater, Aileen Teresa F 85 CommitteeCommittee 2014-11-02
11 Coak, Brian Leonard M 81 CommitteeCommittee U
12 Lue, Abraham Sek Tong 劉鍚棠 M 80 CommitteeCommittee U
13 Burke, Sean Patrick M 73 Vice ChVice Chairman
14 Bokhary, Syed Kemal Shah 包致金 M 72 CommitteeCommittee
15 Lee, Joseph Chung Tak 李宗德 M 68 CommitteeCommittee
16 Shih, Edith 施熙德 F 67 CommitteeCommittee
17 Lui, Tim Tim Leung 雷添良 M 65 Hon TreasHonorary Treasurer
18 Kung, Leo Lin Cheng 孔令成 M 62 CommitteeCommittee
19 Lee, Michael Tze Hau 利子厚 M 58 Vice ChVice Chairman

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