Webb-site League Tables

Click the role to see average total returns for each adviser in that role, for companies or REITs with a primary listing on either the Main Board or Growth Enterprises Market (GEM) of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. For continuing roles, click the number of positions to see a current league table of advisers.

Role Positions
Actuary 108
Actuary (1-time) 17
Administrator 1
Auditor 2488
Banker 8258
Co-sponsor 174
Company Secretary 3
Compliance adviser 453
Consultant accountant 1
Custodian 14
Financial Adviser (1-time) 6183
Financial Adviser (continuing) 20
Financial Adviser to Manager 1
Financial Adviser to Subscriber 17
Financial Adviser to Takeover Offeror 1040
Financial Adviser to Trustee 1
Forensic reviewer 45
Independent Financial Adviser (Listing Rules) 9327
Independent Financial Adviser (Takeover Code) 1649
Internal control annual reviewer 33
Internal control review 51
Investment Manager 36
Lawyer 3031
Liquidator 8
Overseas Registrar 1933
Placing agent 3723
Provisional Liquidator 42
Public Relations 106
Receivers 1
Receiving Bank 2760
Registrar 2495
Reporting Accountant 5798
Sponsor 3122
Sponsor (IPO aborted) 80
Tax Advisor 11
Trustee 13
Underwriters' Lawyer (IPO) 3570
Valuer 1217
Valuer (1-time) 7507

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