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Click the role to see average total returns for each adviser in that role, for companies or REITs with a primary listing on either the Main Board or Growth Enterprises Market (GEM) of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. For continuing roles, click the number of positions to see a current league table of advisers.

Role Positions
Actuary 93
Actuary (1-time) 17
Administrator 1
Auditor 2594
Banker 8567
Co-sponsor 166
Company Secretary 4
Compliance adviser 213
Consultant accountant 1
Custodian 19
Financial Adviser (1-time) 6187
Financial Adviser (continuing) 10
Financial Adviser to Subscriber 18
Financial Adviser to Takeover Offeror 1067
Forensic reviewer 71
Independent Financial Adviser (Listing Rules) 10010
Independent Financial Adviser (Takeover Code) 1667
Internal control annual reviewer 12
Internal control review 97
Investment Manager 28
Lawyer 2902
Liquidator 14
Overseas Registrar 2008
Placing agent 3986
Provisional Liquidator 23
Public Relations 86
Receiving Bank 2945
Registrar 2603
Reporting Accountant 5985
Sponsor 3423
Sponsor (IPO aborted) 83
Tax Advisor 1
Trustee 12
Underwriters' Lawyer (IPO) 3879
Valuer 1003
Valuer (1-time) 7976

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