Sunday 12th October 2014

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Admiralty address
Here's the speech by Webb-site founder David Webb to the crowd in Admiralty last night. (12-Oct-2014)

One HK, two possible outcomes
HK's civic freedoms and lack of democracy are an incompatible, unsustainable combination, which is why it is alone globally in that quadrant of the grid of democracy and civic freedoms. Either we move to a democratic open society, or we join mainland China and others with neither civic freedoms nor democracy. The status quo, with recurrent protests against an illegitimate and paralysed government, is not a viable option. (9-Oct-2014)

Germany shows unity with HK protesters
An interesting speech from the Consul-General at last night's celebrations of German Unity Day. (8-Oct-2014)

Payments to Chief Executive raise new questions in HK
New York Times, 10-Oct-2014

Webb on "Backchat" re Umbrella Movement and C Y Leung's contract
RTHK, 10-Oct-2014

3 jailed for bribery and fraud over HK$500m plantation project. Hall of Shame
ICAC, 9-Oct-2014
Lawrence Lo King Fat, being a former director of China Environmental Resources (1130) is sentenced to jail and thereby enters our Hall of Shame.

HK Gov spits the dummy, cancels talks with protesters
HK Government, 9-Oct-2014
You have to wonder which side is supposed to be more grown up here. The CS gases on in her speech that the NPCSC decision on 2017 "must be observed", and then says that the dialogue must not be linked to whether and when the protests would stop. She seems to forget why they even agreed to talks in the first place. Is the Government afraid of open discussion? Was it all a bluff to drag things out?

SFC obtains disqualification of Norman Ho Yik Kin, former ED of Tack Fiori (0928)
SFC, 9-Oct-2014

MMT bans Tiger Asia and Bill Hwang from trading securities in HK for 4 years. MMT report
SFC, 9-Oct-2014

Kindergarten principal & parent in court for alleged bribery
ICAC, 9-Oct-2014

SFC revokes licence of John David Lawrence, Chairman of PFC International Co Ltd, fines him HK$900k
SFC, 9-Oct-2014

Secret payments to C Y Leung were revealed by anonymous tip on Sunday
Voice of America, 9-Oct-2014
Apparently the document was leaked to the Australian journalists last Sunday (5-Oct-2014).

SFC seeks court orders against former Chairman and directors of Karce (1159). Karce chairman extracted hidden fee
SFC, 8-Oct-2014
At last! Webb-site blew the whistle on this case on 21-Jan-2011, in our article "Karce chairman extracted hidden fee" above. The company is now called Sinogreen Energy International Group Ltd. The SFC action comes close to the 6-year civil action limit. Presumably the DoJ did not wish to prosecute this as a criminal case.

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