Wednesday 16th December 2015

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An audience with HK's leader
The leader of HK has agreed to meet members of the public for 6 hours per week: a historic idea which remains valid. (16-Dec-2015)

A.S. Watson: not its 175th anniversary
How did you get the Government to endorse your 175th anniversary of founding? Start by revising your company history. Webb-site reveals the inconvenient truth. (15-Dec-2015)

Busting HK's road transport cartels
On the day the competition law takes effect, we take a long hard look at the anti-competitive legislation and policies which support a HK$116bn taxi cartel, a $22bn minibus cartel and a $13bn non-franchised bus cartel as well as restricting the hire car market. The Government should scrap all restrictions and franchises, introduce congestion pricing, and allow competition to serve the public interest. (14-Dec-2015)

SFC fines 3 JP Morgan entities total HK$30m
SFC, 15-Dec-2015
Note: there was apparently no actual failure to settle the 41,000 uncovered short sales (for which the firm held long positions in other legal entities), nor did any client get a worse price on their agency orders than they could have obtained in the market.

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