The leader of HK has agreed to meet members of the public for 6 hours per week: a historic idea which remains valid.

An audience with HK's leader
16 December 2015

In a commendable piece of Government outreach, we note that the leader of Hong Kong has agreed to make himself available to hear the concerns of residents, or at least, male residents, on Mondays and Thursdays between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

An audience with Henry Pottinger

That was from the Friend of China and Hongkong Gazette, 15-Dec-1842. OK, Sir Henry Pottinger is not the current leader of Hong Kong, but it does give us an idea. In order to hear first-hand about the issues faced by residents and their views on Government policy, we suggest that Hong Kong's Chief Executive sets aside 2 hours per week (Pottinger was perhaps too generous with 6 hours) in which randomly-selected applicants can have 10 minutes each, that's 12 lucky residents per week, to tell him about their concerns in private. Applications could be made weekly through a web site. All HK Identity Card holders, permanent or not, should qualify for the draw.

It's something that British Members of Parliament have long done, holding "surgeries" with their constituents. There is mutual benefit in this, because a leader gets to hear direct views rather than a filtered message that may be biased by the people around him or her. So how about it, C Y Leung - do you want to meet the people?

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