Friday 6th May 2022

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Are you excited? I know I am. You should be. There's an "election" in HK on Sunday. Bookmakers have put John Lee's odds of defeating John Lee at roughly even - it could go either way. And heck, there's just a chance that 751 people forget to vote or get the date wrong, and then we're in serious trouble - we might have to keep C Lam and Carrie on. But no, on second thoughts, she was never going to get another term after the Extradition Bill's huge havoc - she is the sacrificial Lam.

HK is running out of time to re-join the World
As our Editor sits in the air-lock waiting to re-enter HK, he looks at the now-unconstitutional quarantine regulations and the harm they are doing to HK. (5-May-2022)

A manifesto for Hong Kong
If you're going to be Chief Executive and you don't have a manifesto or any policy expertise beyond Security, Webb-site is here to help! (13-Apr-2022)

Former director of audit firm charged with theft
ICAC, 27-Apr-2022
Chung Chi Hang was a director and 50% owner of Larry Brendon CPA Ltd. Webb-site records that in March 2021 he was banned for a year by the HKICPA for bad audit work on 5 companies.

Two senior executives of construction companies charged by ICAC in HK$75.3m L/C scam found guilty
ICAC, 23-Apr-2022
Including a senior executive of a subsidiary of China Railway Construction (1186).

EcoGreen (2341): our auditor says our banks say our balances are missing 4 zeroes
Company announcement, 7-Apr-2022
Oops. Maybe not so sustainable after all, despite a "green and sustainable" award from the Government's HK Quality Assurance Agency in 2021.

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