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A manifesto for Hong Kong
13 April 2022

HK finds itself in the unusual situation of having a presumptive Chief Executive-designate without a manifesto for his candidacy and with no policy expertise beyond security, at which some might say he excels to excess. Some years ago, in the hope of guiding potential CEs back towards the free market policies that made HK so great, I drafted an internally-consistent manifesto based on fundamental axioms that any Chief Executive candidate could follow, and circulated it privately. I last updated this in 2016 and don't have time to overhaul it now, so some of the numbers are outdated, and a few policies (such as making inroads on the medical cartel) have actually been implemented by the current administration - credit where it is due.

As I may not be around for the next "election" in 2027, and as someone badly needs a manifesto, now seems like a suitable time to unleash the 2016 draft upon my fellow Hong Kongers. Click here to download the manifesto, and enjoy thinking about how HK could actually regain its gusto - assuming, of course, that we actually open the borders again.

David Webb
Editor, Webb-site.com

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