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SFC licensees

RO=Responsible Officer, Rep=Representative

Name Age in
Role From Until
1 Chan, Man Chuen (SFC:ABI346) 陳民全 Rep 2015-02-16
2 Cheng, Wa Kun 鄭華根 Rep 2019-10-31
3 Cheung, Yu Foon 張儒歡 Rep 2003-05-26
4 Chung, Paul Chin Hung 鍾展鴻 48 M Rep 2003-09-08 2004-07-20
5 Lam, Andrew King Sun 林勁生 M Rep 2010-01-16
6 Lam, Kathleen Kit Lin 林潔蓮 Rep 2009-03-25
7 Leung, Franky Ying Wai 梁英偉 Rep 2015-02-28
8 Lo, Raymond Cheung Wai 盧章偉 M Rep 2005-07-13
9 Vong, Kuoc Meng 王國明 41 M RO
10 Wong, Raymond Ping Chung 王平忠 M Rep 2004-04-22
11 Yuen, User Sai Cheong 袁世昌 Rep 2019-12-20

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