Kadoorie, Muriel

Other names

Surname Given names Chinese name
Gubbay Muriel F

A=Alias, F=Former name

Gender: F
Estimated date of birth:1915
Estimated age:102 years
Estimated date of death: 5-Dec-2011
Estimated age on death:96 years

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Non-lineal relatives

Kadoorie, Lawrence (2-Jun-1899 - 25-Aug-1993) Spouse 


CountGeneration, name, birth - death
1 Kadoorie, Michael David 米高嘉道理 (19-Jul-1941 - )
2 Kadoorie, Bettina ( - )
3 Kadoorie, Natalie Louise (3-Feb-1986 - )
4 Kadoorie, Philip Lawrence 可飛利 (1992 - )
5 McAulay, Rita Laura ( - )
6 McAulay, Andrew James Kadoorie 麥哥利 (1967 - )


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Issuer 🌐 Formed Issue Shares Stake Holding date
Oak (Unit Trust) Holdings Limited BMBermuda 2003-05-06 Trust interest     2012-12-31
Oak CLP Limited KYCayman Islands Trust interest     2003-12-31

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