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Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chan, Ronnie Chi Chung 陳啟宗 M 72 DirDirector
2 Chang, Hsin Kang 張信剛 M 81 DirDirector
3 Cheng, Yu Tung 鄭裕彤 M 96 MemberMember U
4 Cheung, Chi Kong 張志剛 M 63 EDExecutive Director
5 Kwok, Raymond Ping Luen 郭炳聯 M 68 MemberMember
6 Lau, Wong Fat 劉皇發 M 85 MemberMember U
7 Lee, Peter Ting Chang 利定昌 M 67 MemberMember U
8 Lee, Shau Kee 李兆基 M 93 MemberMember
9 Li, Victor Tzar Kuoi 李澤鉅 M 57 MemberMember
10 Liu, Pak Wai 廖柏偉 M 73 ExComExecutive Committee
11 Ng, Robert Chee Siong 黃志祥 M 69 MemberMember
12 Shao, You Bao 邵友保 M 100 EDExecutive Director U
13 Shiu, Sin Por 邵善波 M 71 EDExecutive Director U
14 Sze, Chi Ching 施子清 M 82 MemberMember
15 Tang, Henry Ying Yen 唐英年 M 69 MemberMember
16 Tien, James Pei Chun 田北俊 M 74 MemberMember
17 Tung, Chee Chen 董建成 M 79 MemberMember


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Chao, Billy Kuang Piu 曹光彪 M 104 AdviserAdviser
2 Cheng, Christopher Wai Chee 鄭維志 M 73 AdviserAdviser
3 Chiang, Chen 蔣震 M 98 AdviserAdviser
4 Chow, Yei Ching 周亦卿 M 86 AdviserAdviser U
5 Chuang, Alan Shaw Swee 莊紹綏 M 69 AdviserAdviser
6 Fan, Henry Hung Ling 范鴻齡 M 73 AdviserAdviser
7 Fang, Joe Zhou 方舟 M Sen MgrSenior Manager
8 Fang, Kenneth Hung 方鏗 M 83 AdviserAdviser
9 Fung, Daniel Richard Wah Kin 馮華健 M 68 Legal ConsLegal Consultant
10 Fung, Patrick Yuk Bun 馮鈺斌 M 75 AdviserAdviser
11 Ho, Charles Tsu Kwok 何柱國 M 72 AdviserAdviser
12 Ho, Stanley Hung Sun 何鴻燊 M 100 AdviserAdviser U
13 Hu, Fa Kuang 胡法光 M 97 AdviserAdviser
14 Kung, James Ziang Mien 孔祥勉 M 91 AdviserAdviser U
15 Li, David Kwok Po 李國寶 M 82 AdviserAdviser
16 Lo, Victor Chung Wing 羅仲榮 M 71 AdviserAdviser
17 Mong, William Man Wai 蒙民偉 M 94 AdviserAdviser U
18 Riady, Stephen Tjondro 李宗 M 61 AdviserAdviser
19 Tsao, Frank Wen King 曹文錦 M 96 AdviserAdviser U
20 Wong, Po Yan 黃保欣 M 98 Ch, Advisory CouncilChairman of Advisory Council U
21 Woo, Peter Kwong Ching 吳光正 M 75 AdviserAdviser
22 Wu, Patrick Po Kong 伍步剛 M 84 AdviserAdviser
23 Yang, Marjorie Mun Tak 楊敏德 F 69 AdviserAdviser
24 Yeh, Geoffrey Meou Tsen 葉謀遵 M 90 AdviserAdviser U
25 Yeung, Charles Chun Kam 楊掁鑫 M 75 AdviserAdviser
26 Yu, Kwok Chun 余國春 M 70 AdviserAdviser

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