Hong Kong Social Workers Association 香港社會工作人員協會

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Main board

Name Age
Position From Until
1 Au, Patrick Wing Yiu 區永曜 M DirDirector
2 Chan, Becky Chi Ying 陳志英 F DirDirector
3 Chan, Charlie Wai Leung 陳偉良 M DirDirector
4 Cheung, Mei Yee (HKSWA) 張美儀 F DirDirector
5 Cheung, Peter Kwok Che 張國柱 M 72 DirDirector
6 Cheung, Rainbow Kam Hung 張錦紅 F DirDirector
7 Chiu, Yan 趙欣 F DirDirector
8 Chong Yuk, Alice Tak Fun 郁德芬 F 72 PresPresident
9 Lai, Raymond Kwan Ho 賴君豪 M DirDirector
10 Lee, Raymond Lut Man 李律文 M DirDirector
11 Leung, Irene Pui Yiu 梁佩瑤 F 65 PresPresident
12 Leung, Siu Kum 梁少琴 F DirDirector
13 Ling, Henry Wai Hang 凌煒鏗 M 40 DirDirector
14 Lo, Selina Siu Ching 盧少清 F DirDirector
15 Ng, Andy Wang Tsang 吳宏增 M Treas, CouncilTreasurer of Council
16 Ng, Morgan Chu Kong 吳柱剛 M DirDirector
17 Tang, Wai Hung (1954) 鄧惠雄 M 69 DirDirector
18 Tsang, Johnny Wing Keung 曾永強 M DirDirector
19 Wong, Stephen (Mental Health Review Tribunal) 黃敏信 M DirDirector
20 Yeung, Caren Ka Man 楊嘉文 F DirDirector
21 Yeung, Yuk (HKSWA) 楊旭 M DirDirector


Name Age
Position From Until
1 Au, Anita Kit Ying 區潔盈 F SecretarySecretary

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