Tuesday 27th April 2021

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How to end HK's border lockdown
HK's economic recovery depends on fully re-opening its borders, but it can't when so few have been vaccinated. With near-zero COVID, we must use other vaccination incentives. We propose a 4-pronged solution, including a VacciLottery and an inbound travel exemption. (27-Apr-2021)


Government misled LegCo over HKIDs
A quick Sunday search using a single popular name finds 8 pairs of matching masked HKIDs in the Companies Registry. There must be hundreds or thousands of other such pairs on other names - yet the Government claimed on Friday that it could only find 8 in the entire database. (Updated 13-Apr). (12-Apr-2021)


HKSAR v Bao Choy Yuk Ling - reasons for conviction (Chinese with English & Chinese summary)English summary
HK Magistrates' Courts, 22-Apr-2021
The journalist is convicted on the grounds that she "knew" that the reasons for her search were not "traffic and transport related matters". Surely investigating vehicles possibly involved in transporting thugs or offensive weapons relates to transport. She should appeal. Ironically, the judgment names the registered owner of LV755 as Conred Industries Ltd, at the address of another company, "Prosperous Property Development" as well as the person who registered it, one But Yu Sang (transliteration of 畢羽生). We make no allegation as to their involvement.

HK's zealous anti-doxxing campaign could make it even easier to hide dirty money in the city
CNN, 20-Apr-2021

Absconder faces court for bribing govt officers over Tsing Yi Park construction
ICAC, 13-Apr-2021
Quite a record - the fugitive left British HK in 1995 and, now 92, returned from the mainland to face the music. The ICAC is like a proctologist - they'll get you in the end. Nice park though.

Webb on "Backchat" re HKIDs and the Companies Registry
RTHK, 13-Apr-2021

Hong Kong Is giving itself another identity crisis
Bloomberg, 7-Apr-2021

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