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HKTV (1137) v OFCA
HK Court of First Instance, 29-Sep-2015
Note: the judgment confuses two companies. HKMTV is the new name of "China Mobile Hong Kong Corporation Limited" which was acquired by HKTV in Dec-2013 from China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited. There was no assignment of the license, just a renaming of the company.
HK Television Network Ltd v The Chief Executive in Council
HK Court of First Instance, 24-Apr-2015
A victory for common sense and free market competition. HKTV successfully challenges the Government's decision to reject its TV license application; the court holds that the "gradual and orderly approach" adopted by the CE contradicted the stated policy of having no cap on the number of licensees, and HKTV had a legitimate expectation that this policy would be followed. There is one error in para 25: A new CE was not elected in July 2012. That is when he took office.
ExCo Secretariat statement on free TV
HK Government, 5-Nov-2013
It is unclear whom the Secretariat actually is, or speaks for - did ExCo authorise this statement? The Secretariat "disagrees" to the disclosure of the Cosultant's reports (plural) on the "competition implications of new entrants the local free TV market". So there is no specific agreement or undertaking preventing HKTV from publishing them. They should go ahead and do so. The Secretariat regards this as "partial and selective", so it should disclose the rest. Besides, competition implications should have been irrelevant to a decision - viability is for the free market to decide.
LegCo Question: why are those TV licenses taking so long?
HK Government, 7-Nov-2012
"The CE in Council is now processing the recommendations in a prudent manner. The outcome will be announced as soon as possible after a decision is made by the CE in Council."
Cashing up at Next Media
If Next Media (0282) completes the sale of its Taiwan units, it will have a profitable HK business and net cash of about HK$4.4bn with no use for it. Rather than drag shareholders into a new business as City Telecom (1137) has done, we expect Next to do the right thing and distribute the proceeds in a special dividend. The potential payout is $1.79 per share, and majority shareholder Jimmy Lai will get 74% of that to use as he pleases. (26-Oct-2012)
Legco Question: why are those TV licences taking so long?
HK Government, 17-Oct-2012
"The Administration is now processing the applications in a prudent manner and will announce the outcome as soon as possible after a decision is made by the CE in Council."
TV licensing in HK: what a mess
HK Government, 11-Jan-2012
Unlike cellphone networks, TV stations don't have to bid for their radio spectrum, and can squat on it with only cursory reviews. The Chief Executive of HK decides who should be allowed to broadcast. Let the market decide instead.

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