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Opinion polls

Hong Kong time: 00:37:13 29-Nov-2015

Welcome to Webb-site.com polls, where your vote can help change policy-making. Anyone can view the questions and the results, but to vote you will need an e-mail address and a 4-digit PIN, which will be sent to you when you join our list. Using your PIN, you can change your vote at any time prior to the closing time, if any. Your e-mail address and individual votes will not be published.

Live polls

Poll name Start time Closing time Time remaining
SETI poll 00:00:00 5-Mar-2007 Not set, please vote! Open

Closed Polls

Poll name Start time Closed time
NPCSC decision - pocket or not? 14:00:00 27-Jan-2015 18:00:00 6-Feb-2015 Result
HKIDs and Government 14:40:00 15-Feb-2013 18:00:00 27-Feb-2013 Result
Chief Executive odds 16:45:00 16-Feb-2012 18:00:00 23-Mar-2012 Result
INEDs 18:15:00 15-Feb-2011 18:00:00 4-Mar-2011 Result
Trading hours 21:40:00 14-Sep-2010 18:00:00 30-Sep-2010 Result
Class actions 00:00:00 17-Mar-2010 18:00:00 9-Apr-2010 Result
Short position disclosure 21:30:00 7-Mar-2010 18:00:00 19-Mar-2010 Result
New home sales 14:45:00 28-Oct-2009 18:00:00 10-Nov-2009 Result
Rights issues & open offers 02:00:00 7-Sep-2009 18:00:00 25-Sep-2009 Result
Retail financial products 15:30:00 20-Oct-2008 18:00:00 21-Nov-2008 Result
Healthcare poll 19:00:00 13-Jun-2008 18:00:00 20-Jun-2008 Result
Insider dealing blackout 02:30:00 24-Apr-2008 18:00:00 9-May-2008 Result
Poll voting 14:30:00 3-Apr-2008 18:00:00 28-Apr-2008 Result
Should David Li resign? 14:00:00 6-Feb-2008 18:00:00 15-Feb-2008 Result
Financial Reporting 02:00:00 24-Sep-2007 12:00:00 5-Nov-2007 Result
China Bubble 21:00:00 16-Sep-2007 00:00:00 25-Sep-2007 Result
Movie Fund poll 15:30:00 9-Mar-2007 18:00:00 23-Mar-2007 Result
MPF poll 00:00:00 5-Mar-2007 18:00:00 15-Mar-2007 Result

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