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HKSAR Independent Commission Against Corruption

Sidney Chau Foo Cheong v ICAC
HK Court of First Instance, 10-Nov-2014
Mr Chau, former head of security at HK Airport, succeeds in getting some documents back, claiming legal professional privilege.
Ex-MVA enumerator charged with fraud over ICAC annual survey
ICAC, 5-Nov-2014
It takes some gall to fake the results of ICAC survey questionnaires on corruption!
Nine in court for alleged HK$437.5k student loan fraud
ICAC, 22-Aug-2014
Sloppy work by the ICAC's PR department. They fail to define SFAA (it's the Student Financial Assistance Agency of the HK Government) and they fail to say what the NTL scheme is. It is the Non-means-tested Loan scheme, which in any case should be defined as "NML" or "NMTL".
A v ICAC: costs
HK Court of Final Appeal, 11-Jan-2013
HK Court of Final Appeal, 13-Nov-2012
We suspect this will be a high-profile case. The ICAC is investigating an alleged conspiracy, involving the Chairman of a "Hong Kong company", to offer bribes in HK to an overseas public official (probably from mainland China). "A" has just lost his case that he should not have to co-operate with the investigation, to avoid self-incrimination. In an earlier judgment on 28-Jan-2010, "B" lost his case that the law didn't apply to overseas officials. High-powered barristers were employed, including a London QC. Who are A, B, and the Chairman, and whom were the conspirators allegedly conspiring to bribe?
Twenty-one arrested for alleged graft over supply of ice to restaurants
ICAC, 7-Nov-2012
A spokesperson said that this was a cold case until officers spotted the suspects and shouted "freeze".

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