In a widely-expected move, the Government has announced the formation of an Expert Group On the System of Naming of Expert Groups in Hong Kong,

Expert Group on naming Expert Groups appointed
26 November 2002

In a widely-expected move, to head off demands for a formal public inquiry, the Government has announced the formation of an Expert Group On the System of Naming of Expert Groups in Hong Kong (EGOSNEGHK). This follows widespread calls for names which fit on one line, and in the wake of the disastrous naming of the Expert Group to Review the Operation of the Securities and Futures Market Regulatory Structure in Hong Kong (EGROSFMRS) which is currently seeking market views.

One analyst we spoke to about EGROSFMRS said "I was thinking of making a submission, but I couldn't remember who to write to". Another said, "actually, I think it is an initiative test - if you unscramble the acronym, you can see who to write to - it's "MRS FORGES"

Legislators have questioned whether the Government can achieve the status of an international branding centre under the current three-tier naming system in which a Panel of Inquiry thinks of a name, the Minister of Silly Names adds a few words and the Chief Executive then adds the words "Hong Kong".

Speaking by video-link from Faloongong, Tasmania, the Chairman of EGOSNEGHK said:

G'day mates. Look, you guys clearly need help. I mean, just look at the name you've given this group. I've seen fewer consonants in a tin of alphabet soup", and added "Hong Kong Is It, the City of Life where Wonders Never Cease, and Nicholas Tse rocks. We'll come a waltzin'..." which point the satellite link was inexplicably interrupted and a video of cultists in yellow T-shirts appeared on the screen.

The Association of Hong Kong Stationers came out strongly against any move which might reduce the demand for long envelopes on which the names would fit. The Chief Executive of Hong Kong was sympathetic and said that the Government, as the largest consumer of paper in Hong Kong, would do what it can to "stabilise prices, and if possible, push them up a bit".

One of the nine measures reportedly being considered was to print all documents in Simplified Chinese as well as the official English and Traditional Chinese, thereby adding 50% to government paper consumption. The MTRC and KCRC also agreed to issue more tender documents in support of the consumption drive, and build future housing projects out of paper mache.

Speaking in LegCo earlier today, Ms Emily Loud, Legislator for the Hard of Hearing, said "I object, and I demand an inquiry".

Officials for the company once known as Northeast Electrical Transmission and Transformation Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited, the longest name on the Stock Exchange, denied rumours that they had been appointed as branding consultants to EGROSNEGHK.

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