The PECS register
8 October 2009

The HK Government keeps a register, which is "open to public inspection" but not online, of approvals for Post-service Employment of senior Civil Servants, or what we call the PECS Register. The Government is advised on such approvals by the Advisory Committee on Post-service Employment of Civil Servants (ACPECS) since October 1987. As a community service, on this page are documents which you won't yet find on the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) web site. For more background, see our article of 8-Oct-09

The register

We will periodically (usually monthly) ask the Civil Service Bureau for the latest files, and put them online until they get around to doing so themselves. We may miss a file if someone is approved and then resigns a post-service employment within a month. If you are wondering about the missing case numbers in the sequence, we assume that most of these belong to approvals for Directorate Civil Servants below grade D4, which are not open to public inspection.

Case number Civil servant Organisation
09/2006 Bosco Fung Chee Keung Chinese University of Hong Kong
10/2006 Kenneth Pang Tsan Wing Hong Kong Housing Society
11/2006 Kenneth Pang Tsan Wing Hong Kong Housing Society
12/2006 Kenneth Pang Tsan Wing Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, USA
02/2007 Leung Chin Man Trust Company International Pty Ltd
03/2007 Leung Chin Man PuraPharm International (HK) Ltd
14/2007 Allan Chiang Yam Wang Hong Kong Design Centre
16/2007 Tsui Shung Yiu Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Ltd
25/2007 Bosco Fung Chee Keung Hong Kong Housing Society
04/2008 Mak Sin Ping Chinese University of Hong Kong
14/2008 Chiu Lee Lee Hospital Authority
17/2008 Chu Pui Hing Health and Lifestyle Broadcast Co. Ltd.
26/2008 Rebecca Lai Ko Wing Yee Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong
03/2009 Tony Yen Yuen Ho Winsor Industrial Corporation Ltd
04/2009 Kwok Kwok Chuen Asianomics Limited
09/2009 Alan Lai Nin Office of The Ombudsman
14/2009 Cheung Hau Wai Urban Renewal Authority
20/2009 Rebecca Lai Ko Wing Yee China Graduate School of Theology

Update, 17-Nov-09

In response to our request on 7-Oct-09 and a reminder on 7-Nov-09, the CSB sent us on 16-Nov-09 the register in a new, tabulated format, which no longer shows case numbers, nor does it show the date of the application. Showing a full grasp of modern technology, they printed it out and scanned it back in again, so blame them for the large, non-searchable file. As there is more than one entry per page of this new register, we will simply upload it in the format received. At a glance, the only new entry is on the last page:

The scanned register, as at 7-Nov-2009

For subsequent updates, click here.

ACPECS annual reports

The CSB keeps deleting annual reports from its web site, only keeping the last 5 years. Unit the CSB learns how to web-serve the public better, will perform a public service by hosting the older annual reports on our site. Here they are:

Report Number Period ended
1 Feb-1990
2 Jun-1991
3 May-1992
4 May-1993
5 Aug-1994
6 31-Mar-1995
7 31-Mar-1996
8 31-Mar-1997
9 31-Dec-1997
10 31-Dec-1998
11 31-Dec-1999
12 31-Dec-2000
13 31-Dec-2001
14 31-Dec-2002
15 31-Dec-2003
16 31-Dec-2004
17 31-Dec-2005
18 31-Dec-2006
19 31-Dec-2007

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