Posing for photographs is the aspect of media relations that we least enjoy, so in an effort to reduce the time spent doing that, Webb-site.com is making available photos of its editor and founder, David Webb, for use in other publications.

Conditions of use

Copyright remains with Webb-site.com, but royalty-free licenses to use these images are available by contacting the editor. Permission must be obtained before reproducing these images, and all such images must be accredited to Webb-site.com. They're not great photos (we took them) but they are free!

Hi-res versions available for print

The images on this site are all low-resolution, 384 x 512 pixels and compressed, but handy for the web. If you need high-resolution versions for print publications, we have these too. Just contact the editor and request the files you need. State the name of the file and any limit on your incoming e-mail size. The hi-res files are 1536 x 2048 pixels and are about 800KB each, so they should be suitable for 200dpi reproduction up to about 7 inches by 10 inches.

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