PCCW introduces new "Don't Ask, Don't Tel" branding to investor relations product.

Don't Ask, Don't Tel
10 February 2003

So PCCW has once again been found to be economical with the truth. No, not the Chairman's CV - this time it's regarding  the company's Qwest for Cable & Wireless - whoops, did we say "Qwest"? Or did the Stock Exchange ask the wrong Qwestion? PCCW has brought new meaning to the phrase "don't ask, don't tell" by suggesting that they only have to make disclosures in response to what the Stock Exchange asks them about.

No question, we meant "quest" - PCCW has not made an offer for Qwest or even been out for a cappucino with them. Well maybe just one - but who knows - we haven't asked, and they haven't told. But if they have, it was purely plutocratic - sorry, platonic. Besides, they're not AT&Tracted to each other. Whoops, there's another typo...sometimes it's difficult to be the SmarTone - sorry, smart one, especially on a Sunday - whoops, we mean, Monday. Forget that we mentioned Sunday. And PCCW isn't bidding to make a New World order either. Did we say bid? No, we're not in an offer, period.

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