We close and submit the petition on 1-share-1-vote, and call on the Listing Committee to get back to improving the quality of HK's market rather than trying to degrade it, starting with 4 key issues.

Petition filed with SEHK and Listing Committee
2 January 2015

Dear SEHK and Listing Committee,

With the New Year, we have closed the petition launched in conjunction with our submission, and we hereby submit the attached list of 349 people who signed the petition calling for retaining "1 share 1 vote" and against listing second-class shares with weaker voting rights. It is clear from this and other submissions that you face overwhelming opposition to messing with the most fundamental rights of shareholders.

All that remains is for the Listing Committee to drop this matter and focus instead on improving market quality, not degrading it and facilitating easier abuse of minority shareholders. Here are just 4 of the issues that you have failed to deal with:


David Webb
Editor, Webb-site.com

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