A secret unofficial translation of a government TV commercial promotes Hong Kong's monopolistic economy while appearing to promote the rule of law.

Monopolies Rule
28 March 2003

Note: you need the free RealOne Player to play the video.

Webb-site.com has received a previously unpublished English translation of a government commercial promoting Hong Kong's monopolistic economy. The Chinese version appears to promote the rule of law, which incidentally, does not include a competition law, unlike most developed economies. To set the scene, a young girl is playing the Monopoly board game with her parents. Now play the commercial in broadband or narrowband, and read the script as you go:

Father: "Three - that's one two three" (counter lands on go-to-jail sign)

Parents: "oh, you are going to jail"

Girl: "oh no I'm not"

Parents: "why not?"

Girl: "see, it says here in the rule book - Hong Kong has no law against monopolies or anti-competitive behaviour"

Parents look at book "wow, she's right! No wonder we're so poor"

Mother to girl: "what is competition?"

Girl: "You'll never know. When I grow up, I'm going to be a tycoon and abuse all of you, so there"

Closing shot: "The Basic Law of Hong Kong - play monopoly, get rich, live happily every after. Apply to Government for details."

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