LED-lighting maker Neo-Neon (1868) appoints a new CEO with a bogus doctorate from a non-existent UK University.

Neo-Neon CEO's bogus degree
14 September 2009

Congratulations to "Dr." Tseng Jinsui, who has just been appointed as Chief Executive of LED-lighting maker Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd (1868). The announcement states:

"in 1991, Dr. Tseng got his doctor's degree in computer science from Edenvale University, the United Kingdom."

Edenvale University is not a "recognised body" with degree-awarding powers in the UK. A list of those which can award degrees is on the web site of the UK Government's Department for Business Innovation & Skills, which also warns that it is an offence in UK law for any other organisation to offer a degree which could be taken to be that of a UK institution.

There was once a web site for Edenvale University (.net), which can still be seen in the internet archive between 2004 and 2006, but as is common with bogus diploma mills, as soon as they are identified, they disappear or change their name. The Edenvale University web site captured on 25-Mar-04 was, on its surface, an imitation of the web site of Leeds University at the time. There was also a web site for Edenvale University (.org) which existed between 2004 and mid-2007 and did not claim any UK association. Both internet domains have now been dropped and picked up by domain-advertisers. You can also follow the rather hilarious telesales routine of Edenvale University on this forum page from March 2005, courtesy of George Brown, who looks out for this kind of thing.

Curiously, Mr Tseng (we can drop the "Dr" title now) claims to have obtained the doctorate in 1991, some 13 years before the Edenvale scam hit the web. Perhaps his "degree" was backdated. Either way, he shouldn't need a doctorate in computer science to figure out that he was buying a bogus degree.

Mr Tseng joins other holders of questionable degrees, legislator Philip Wong Yu Hong, who has a JD from Southland University and a PhD from California Coast University, and toy tycoon Francis Choi Chee Ming, who holds a bachelor's degree from Sussex College of Technology, UK and an MBA from Newport University, USA. His wife Margaret Choi Lee Wai Lai also holds a doctorate from Newport University, according to her Po Leung Kuk biography. They must have alumni dinners every night. Mr Choi was awarded a Gold Bauhinia Star by the Hong Kong Government on 1-Jul-09.

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