We analyse the results of the Webb-site opinion poll on trading hours, which will be submitted to HKEx today. The results favour a trading day from 09:30 to 16:30 with a 1-hour lunch break.

Trading hours poll results
27 October 2010

This article will be submitted to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx, 0388) in response to its consultation paper on proposed changes to trading hours, together with our article Hong Kong's broker siesta of 14-Sep-2010 and the full results of the Webb-site opinion poll. Readers may note that we have introduced cross-tab analysis, so that the matrix of responses to any pair of questions can be analysed.

Like all our polls, the poll was open to anyone who submitted their e-mail address to receive a PIN number, to deter multiple voting. We received 592 responses. In summary:

Based on the results of this opinion poll, Webb-site concludes that Hong Kong is not quite ready to abolish the lunch break, but that it should be shortened to one hour. Opening time should be brought forward to 09:30, and closing time should be extended to 16:30. That would result in a 6-hour trading day, 50% longer than the present 4 hours. We note that Singapore Exchange on 19-Oct-2010 launched a consultation on abolishing its own lunch break to achieve an 8-hour day from 09:00-17:00.

If you wish to make your own submission to HKEx, then write to response@hkex.com.hk by this Friday, 29-Oct-2010.

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