We're launching new features for registered users. Build your own stock list, use a dashboard to find information on the stocks, and see CCASS movements, total returns and directors' dealings for your stocks in one page. And yes, it's all free! We also encourage users to give something back to the community by anonymously contributing your Governance Ratings of companies and Trust Ratings of people.

Your stocks, your way
24 January 2018

Webb-site is pleased to announce the launch of new features for logged-in users in our "User Zone". Now you can enter a list of HK stocks to follow, and use a dashboard to pull up information without entering stock codes every time. You can also see large movements in CCASS, director and CEO dealings, or total returns across your entire stock list on one page.

How it works

Start with the My stocks page. If you have not logged in, this will first redirect you to the login page. If you have forgotten your password, click the forgot password link to send yourself a secure reset link. If you have never registered, click the Sign up link. This will send you an e-mail containing a link to activate your account. You can also get our occasional free newsletter, but that's optional.

On the My stocks page, enter or edit your list of stocks. In the User Zone, you will find an navigation bar taking you to:

You can also reach any of the User Zone pages using the "User" navigation menu at the top of any page on Webb-site, after logging in.

Total returns are of course the proper way to compare returns on stocks, because they include the effect of distributions such as dividends. Without them, you are comparing apples and oranges. We're not aware of any other free service that will do this hard work for you. Unlike some services, there is no limit on the number of stocks you can put in your list, although of course it will take longer to generate results if you put all the stocks in the market in your list! We already have public, whole-market pages for that.

Governance ratings

The User Zone also contains a "My ratings" page, that lets you see and update all your anonymous Governance Ratings of organisations and Trust Ratings of people. You will find a one-click ratings box on every "key data" page of an organisation or natural person in Webb-site Who's Who. By rating organisations and people, you are contributing to a consensus score on the governance quality and trust of HK's companies, institutions and leaders. The system has been underused since we launched it two years ago. Why not contribute?


We will not share your stock list with third parties unless fully anonymised (removing the association with your e-mail address). We don't collect users' names or identities, so there is no personal data issue anyway. We may produce aggregate statistics such as "most followed stock". We shall not be liable for any data loss or for errors in our data. For more, see our full privacy policy. As always, this service is free to users and the operating costs are funded by your editor. We built it partly for our own use, but why not make it available to everyone?

Future development

What other features would you like to see in the Webb-site User Zone? Let us know.

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