Airport Authority ED Wilson Fung Wing Yip and Cheyenne Chan Ung Iok charged with bribery
ICAC, 31-Aug-2018
The ICAC says that according to the Department of Justice, there is unsufficient evidence to prosecute "other persons involved in the investigation".
Avery Ng Man Yuen gets 4 months' jail for disclosing identity of person under ICAC probe
ICAC, 28-May-2018
Avery Ng Man Yuen charged with disclosing identity of person under ICAC probe
ICAC, 3-Apr-2017
Mr Ng filed a complaint with the ICAC against Betty Fung Ching Suk Yee a year ago. The alleged offence is that he announced on social media that an ICAC officer had told him that his complaint was being investigated.
Top bureaucrat in alleged conflict of interest property sale ‘not aware of dealings’ according to husband’s Facebook post
South China Morning Post, 9-Apr-2016
Alleged conflict of interest over property sale: senior HK civil servant on leave after more details emerge involving her husband
South China Morning Post, 8-Apr-2016
ICAC ‘to probe conflict of interest allegations against senior civil servant’
South China Morning Post, 5-Apr-2016
Senior HK civil servant accused of conflict of interest over property sale
South China Morning Post, 2-Apr-2016

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