HKICPA bans Henry Mok Wing Kai, ex-Financial Controller of Greencool, for 6 months
HKICPA, 14-Feb-2019
MMT sanctions Greencool's ex-Chairman and senior execs for false or misleading disclosure
SFC, 26-Jun-2017
MMT finds former Greencool chairman & senior execs culpable of market misconduct
SFC, 30-Dec-2016
Freezing injunction against Greencool’s ex-chairman extended
SFC, 14-Nov-2014
MMT sets date for Greencool hearing
SFC, 30-Oct-2014
Court extends freezing injunction against Greencool’s former chairman
SFC, 8-Aug-2014
Court freezes HK$1.2bn of Hisense Kelon shares in Greencool proceedings
SFC, 18-Jul-2014
Now that is cool!
SFC sues Greencool's former Chairman & others over HK$1.59bn investor losses
SFC, 23-Jun-2014
It took them 9 years since the stock was suspended including 7 years of cross-border investigation, but this action is better late than never. Former Qualified Accountant and Company Secretary Henry Mok Wing Kai, named in the action, is now CFO at Sparkle Roll (0970).
Notice to MMT re Greencool Technology and directors
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 17-Jun-2014
Cancellation of listing
SEHK, 17-May-2007
Cancellation of listing
Company announcement, 16-May-2007
Chairman and COO both still uncontactable, INEDs resign
Company announcement, 3-Feb-2006
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 18.53 & 18.78
Company announcement, 11-Aug-2005
Chairman Gu Chu Jun and COO Zhang Xi Han reportedly arrested, uncontactable
Company announcement, 3-Aug-2005
Suspension of trading
SEHK, 1-Aug-2005
Chairman not under house arrest
Company announcement, 13-May-2005
Censure of Company and certain directors
SEHK, 11-Jan-2005
Satisfaction of writ against UBS and Joe Zhang
Company announcement, 23-Jul-2002
Advance payments to related party
Company announcement, 7-May-2002

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