HKICPA fines Yip Kai Yin, Edmund Siu & Elite Partners CPA Ltd
HKICPA, 15-Aug-2017
For bad audit work. HKICPA fails to name the listed company, but we deduce that it is Chaoda Modern Agriculture (0682). Mr Yip was previously fined in 2013. Elite Partners CPA Ltd was fined in 2015 for bad work on another listed company.
Report on dealings in Chaoda Modern (0682), Part 2
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 22-May-2012
Report on dealings in Chaoda Modern (0682)
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 26-Apr-2012
George William Stairs of Fidelity Management & Research Co is found culpable of market misconduct.
Chaoda (0682): breach of Listing Rules: late interims
Company announcement, 29-Feb-2012
The stock has been in the deep freeze since 26-Sep-2011. No sign of defrosting yet.
Chaoda (0682) breach of Listing Rules: late results
Company announcement, 30-Sep-2011
For that reason alone, the shares will remain suspended unless and until they get the results out.
Chaoda (0682): MMT proceedings against Chairman and Executive Director
Company announcement, 30-Sep-2011
Under the Listing Rules, these proceedings should have been announced when they were first known to the directors concerned. The referral by the Financial Secretary to the MMT was dated 25-Jul-2011, so they knew by then. The SFC also knew: they investigate cases before referring them to the Financial Secretary. The SFC should have informed the Stock Exchange which would then require the company to announce the FS's referral to the MMT. What we have here is a failure to communicate.
Referal to MMT of Kwok Ho, Andy Chan Chi Po and George Stairs
Market Misconduct Tribunal, 28-Sep-2011
In the case related to the shares of Chaoda (0682), the MMT finally gets around to publishing a referral that it was sent on 25-Jul-2011. We call on the Financial Secretary and the MMT to publish such documents when filed in future.
Chaoda: Next Magazine article is "not factually accurate and true"
Company announcement, 26-May-2011
Asian Citrus fiasco
We look at the background of Asian Citrus, owner of a former Tropicana orange plantation in Guangxi, whose lease was terminated in mysterious circumstances, and the chaotic HK debut last week in which HK$291m changed hands at inflated prices. In response to numerous investor e-mails we consider what action they might take. The HK Law Reform Commission has proposed allowing class actions - add your voice to that. (30-Nov-2009)

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