HKICPA settles regulatory proceedings involving Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, BDO Binder and partners
HKICPA, 19-Jan-2009
Breach of Listing Rule 14.26
Company announcement, 1-Sep-2003
Former director of subsidiary charged with alleged HK$22m L/C fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 11-Mar-2003
Ten years' jail for manager in last trial of Guangnan series
ICAC, 23-Jul-2002
Manager found guilty of HK$150m L/C fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 22-Jul-2002
Five years' jail for company director in HK$53m L/C fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 3-Apr-2002
Eight years' jail for company director in HK$92m L/C fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 7-Feb-2002
HK$1m bail money forfeited from abscondee in Guangnan case
ICAC, 29-Jan-2002
Woman charged over Guangnan scam absconds
ICAC, 10-Dec-2001
Two jailed for $18m L/C fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 16-Jul-2001
BDO Binder, Kwan Wong Tan & Fong, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu v HKSA
HK Court of Appeal, 19-Jun-2001
Createx director gets 9 years' jail for $112m L/C fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 9-Jun-2001
Three years' jail for fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 26-Apr-2001
One more convicted of credit fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 3-Apr-2001
Former Guangnan director gets four years for profit inflation fraud
ICAC, 22-Mar-2001
Four years for US$9.3m credit fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 6-Mar-2001
Surety of wanted executive in Guangnan case forfeited
ICAC, 12-Feb-2001
Guangnan subsidiary executive wanted by ICAC for alleged HK$267m L/C fraud
ICAC, 22-Jan-2001
Former Guangnan director admits profit inflating
ICAC, 19-Jan-2001
Two more charged over multi-million credit frauds involving Guangnan
ICAC, 5-Jan-2001
Two to six years' jail for former Guangnan and subsidiary directors
ICAC, 6-Dec-2000
Former Guangnan & subsidiary directors admit HK$46m embezzlement
ICAC, 5-Dec-2000
Trio admit profit inflating and credit fraud involving Guangnan
ICAC, 24-Nov-2000
Trio charged over alleged HK$285m credit frauds involving involving Guangnan
ICAC, 15-Nov-2000
Three years' jail for fraudster in US$54m Guangnan credit scam
ICAC, 7-Nov-2000
Leung Hiu-ling admits US$54m Guangnan credit fraud
ICAC, 16-Oct-2000
Nine face court for alleged scam involving Guangnan and subsidiaries
ICAC, 17-Aug-2000
Former Guangnan directors charged in alleged profit inflating scam
ICAC, 16-Aug-2000
Nine netted over suspected HK$400m credit fraud scam involving Guangnan & subsidiaries
ICAC, 15-Aug-2000
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu v Hong Kong Society of Accountants
HK Court of First Instance, 31-May-2000
Four years for fraudsters in HK$118m Guangnan credit scam
ICAC, 25-May-2000
Two guilty of HK$118m Guangnan credit fraud
ICAC, 19-May-2000
34 more charges for defendants in Guangnan case
ICAC, 21-Feb-2000
Six charged for graft facilitated L/C fraud
ICAC, 17-Jan-2000

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