GEM Listing Committee

Preventing cash shells
Webb-site proposes a new Listing Rule to prevent cash shells. The Cash Shell Test introduces equity discipline for existing companies and provides clarity for those proposing transactions and fund-raising. It should be welcomed by investors, regulators, issuers and their advisers. HKEx needs to build a proper sanitation system for this village rather than dig a new cesspit. (3-Mar-2016)
Tycoons gain in Listing Committee shake-up
Well what did you expect after the blackout saga? The changes are not subtle, and further diminish the outlook for corporate governance reforms in the Listing Rules. We take you through the changes and the likely shape of the committee until 2012 and its leadership until 2015. (8-Jun-2009)
PIPSI Report
The report by the Government-appointed Panel of Inquiry into the recent "Penny Stocks Incident" was released on Tuesday. looks beyond the blame game and into the recommendations for structural reform of the regulatory system. (15-Sep-2002)
Submission to SEHK on Listing Rules Review
New GEM Exemptions
Over a year after consultation ended, new rules have been announced for HK's second board. The track record requirement is reinstated to two years, but with a glaring exemption for candidates that can meet certain "substantial size" and "significant public following" criteria. So small scams are unacceptable, but big ones are OK, and if you can con 300 people, you don't need a track record. As we explain, this is not going to salvage GEM's tattered reputation, and the process again underlines the need to move listing regulation to the SFC. (30-Jul-2001)
Your views on GEM's Rules
In a successful start to Listing Rule consultations over the internet, readers of have made their views known to GEM. By the deadline of 30-Jun-00, 55 submissions had been made, with a further 6 received in the week after the deadline. The total is 3 times the number of submissions that might typically be received by the Exchange. Here's what you had to say... (9-Jul-2000)
Views on the GEM consultation
This page contains the views of on the GEM consultation paper. Read them, decide whether you agree, then submit your view to the SEHK using our special form. (26-Jun-2000)
GEM (the SEHK's 2nd board)
An outline and commentary on the proposals for a second board in Hong Kong. (3-Oct-1999)

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