HKSAR v Lily Chiang, Tahir Hussain Shah & Pau Kwok Ping
HK Court of Appeal, 17-Apr-2013
Lily Chiang loses bail appeal
RTHK, 19-Jun-2012
Jail for fraudster Chiang
HK Standard, 16-Jun-2011
Trio jailed for share options and listing fraud
ICAC, 15-Jun-2011
Lily Chiang jailed for shares fraud
RTHK, 15-Jun-2011
Lily Chiang & others: sentence
HK District Court, 15-Jun-2011
Lily Chiang faces up to 7 years in jail
China Daily, 10-Jun-2011
Guilty Chiang 'mastermind' of HK$3.7m scam
HK Standard, 10-Jun-2011
Ann Chiang Lai-wan reportedly said: "She did not expect such a verdict. No clothing and skin-care products were prepared." - which begs the question, what kind of skin-care products does one need for jail? Sunscreen, perhaps? Are black-and-white stripes still fashionable attire or is an orange jumpsuit more suitable? What would Martha Stewart advise?
Trio guilty of share options and listing fraud
ICAC, 9-Jun-2011
Lily Chiang convicted of shares fraud
RTHK, 9-Jun-2011
Judge gives Lily Chiang honesty slap
HK Standard, 9-Jun-2011
Judge questions businesswoman's evidence
RTHK, 8-Jun-2011
A night behind bars for Chiang - without pearls
HK Standard, 8-Jun-2011
Judge begins delivering verdict, revokes Lily Chiang's bail
RTHK, 8-Jun-2011
...and that can only mean one thing.
Lily Chiang & others: reasons for verdict
HK District Court, 7-Jun-2011
D1=Lily Chiang, D2=Shah Tahir Hussain, D3=Pau Kwok Ping. Testifying under immunity were Iris Yip Yuk Chun, Becky Poon Pik Kiu, and Tang Wai Shing, who were all found to be co-conspirators. So was Teli Chan Yim Fong - but she has not been prosecuted.
Lily Chiang v Secretary for Justice
HK Court of Final Appeal, 26-Mar-2010
"Choice of the venue for a prosecution is clearly a matter covered by Article 63 of the Basic Law which gives control of prosecutions to the Secretary for Justice without any external interference."
Lily Chiang v Secretary for Justice
HK Court of Appeal, 21-Sep-2009
Re Lily Chiang Lai Lei
HK Court of First Instance, 1-Jun-2009
Chiang loses bid for trial by jury in fraud case
HK Standard, 10-Feb-2009
Lily Chiang v Secretary for Justice
HK Court of First Instance, 9-Feb-2009
Chiang claims jury trial is her right
HK Standard, 3-Feb-2009
Former Chairperson Ms Lily Chiang Lai Lei charged for alleged listing fraud
ICAC, 4-Mar-2008
Former CEO Mr Pau Kwok Ping charged for listing fraud
ICAC, 29-Feb-2008
CEO Mr Pau Kwok Ping resigns for "health reasons"
Company announcement, 28-Feb-2008
Lily Chiang and Shah Tahir Hussain face court for share options fraud
ICAC, 8-Jan-2008
Chairman Shah Tahir Hussain charged by ICAC
Company announcement, 8-Jan-2008
Lily Chiang and Shah Tahir Hussain charged for share options fraud
ICAC, 7-Jan-2008
We take a look at the latest noxious emission on the GEM - Eco-Tek, which sells a taxpayer-funded filter for diesel exhausts. The stock has shot up 161% since its highly concentrated placing, and we predict sales and profits are set to collapse. Join us as we walk through the history of this company which was built on equity of just HK$116k by the star of a previous article... (28-Jan-2002)
Breach of GEM Listing Rule 10.12(4)
Company announcement, 3-Dec-2001
Allotment results & concentration warning
Company announcement, 30-Nov-2001

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