Censure of Dream (1126) and various directors
SEHK, 18-Sep-2013
Webb-site filed a complaint about this with SEHK on 11-Aug-2011.
Dream (1126): the order we announced on 7-Oct-2010 for H1 of 2011 was delayed
Company announcement, 9-Aug-2011
Surely it must have been obvious to them months ago that a significant part, or all, of this important order would not be delivered in H1 as previously announced, yet they failed to update the market until 40 days after the period ended.
Deutsche Bank's toxic derivatives
Two years ago, we successfully deterred the issuance of further toxic convertibles by listed companies in Hong Kong. Now we find that another bank is peddling toxic derivatives to small listed companies, including three small, apparently cash-rich, HK-listed industrial companies from Fujian. Both sides are to blame. Listed companies should only use derivatives to reduce risk, not to increase it, and banks should not be selling such unsuitable and toxic products to unsophisticated clients. (30-Nov-2007)
Breach of connected transaction waiver conditions
Company announcement, 10-Apr-2003

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