Ruifeng Petroleum Chemical Holdings Limited 瑞豐石化控股有限公司

Xu Ziming v Ruifeng Petroleum Chemical Holdings Ltd (8096)
HK Court of First Instance, 6-May-2015
Concentration warning in Thinsoft (8096)
SFC, 23-Dec-2009
We told you so - see our article of 11-Dec-09. Now why doesn't the SFC have a screening system that notices these things before we do?
Thinsoft's thin ice
There's a bubble in Thinsoft (8096), suspended with a market value of HK$1,604m and net assets of $33m. Over 95% of the company is in the custody of 2 brokers. We also discuss the archaic practice of parallel trading, which was to have been abolished in 2008. HKEx appears to have given up on that. (11-Dec-2009)

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