HKICPA bans Sunny Yan Kwok Ting for 5 years
HKICPA, 8-Jun-2018
This relates to alleged lying to the SFC during 2006 in an investigation of Core Pacific-Yamaichi's 2002 sponsorship of Tungda Innovative Lighting.
HKSAR v Chu Chick Kei & Mok Lam Fong
HK Court of Appeal, 4-Jan-2013
The court rejects the "my brother kidnapped me" excuse for jumping bail.
HKSAR v Ms Chu Pik Ang: reasons for sentence
HK District Court, 18-Sep-2012
Sunny Yan Kwok Ting v SFC
SFAT, 1-Dec-2011
Licensees disciplined for forgery and sponsor failures
SFC, 11-Oct-2011
Philip Wan Ten Lok & Sunny Yan Kwok Ting v SFC
SFAT, 7-Oct-2011
Trio jailed for conspiracy to defraud and related offences
HK Police, 2-Sep-2011
The listed company is Tungda Innovative Lighting (8229). The 58-year old Chairman is Chu Chien Tung. The 54-year old director is his brother, Chu Chick Kei. We're not sure who the woman was. Why don't the police just name everyone? After all, the court hearings were held in public. The reporting accountant in the IPO and auditor during this period of false accounting was Deloitte. They gave a true and fair opinion in the 2003 report, but disclaimed their opinion in the 2004 report and then quit. Apparently the Chu brothers have now absconded.
HKSAR v Chu Chien Tung, Chu Chick Kei & Mok Lam Fong: sentencing
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Sep-2011
CCB searches Tungda Innovative Lighting offices again, Chairman, brother charged
Company announcement, 13-Aug-2010
Tungda Lighting scribbles a profit warning
Company announcement, 4-Nov-2009
They later produced a typeset version.
SFC bans Kelvin Wu King Shiu for 2.5 years
SFC, 5-Jan-2009
SFC bans Mr Lee Deng Charng for 6 months over Tungda IPO
SFC, 17-Apr-2008
SFC fines Core Pacific-Yamaichi HK$6.45m
SFC, 17-Apr-2008
Tungda directors' bail conditions lifted, released unconditionally, no charges
Company announcement, 18-Jan-2007
Commercial Crime Bureau arrests directors, raids offices over suspected false accounting
Company announcement, 16-Mar-2005
Undisclosed discloseable transactions, breaches of GEM Listing Rules
Company announcement, 27-Sep-2004
Oriental Designs Ltd v Tungda Innovative Lighting Holdings Ltd
HK District Court, 18-Sep-2004
Inquiry by SFC under Section 179 of Securities and Futures Ordinance
Company announcement, 8-Jul-2004
Breach of Listing Rules 18.03 and 18.49
Company announcement, 29-Jun-2004

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