5 ex-players of HK Pegasus FC charged with bribery and fraud over match-fixing
ICAC, 28-Jun-2017
Pui Kwan Kay v Ming Pao Holdings Ltd & others
HK Court of Final Appeal, 23-Aug-2016
FIFA investigates HK over China match booing
BBC, 25-Nov-2015
Doesn't FIFA have enough problems without penalising HKFA for free speech of fans?
Pui Kwan Kay v Ming Pao Holdings Ltd & others
HK Court of Appeal, 17-Nov-2015
Ming Pao succeeds in its appeal against a finding of defamation by invoking the Reynolds defence of public interest.
ICAC statement on soccer arrests
ICAC, 7-Jan-2014
"...together with their corrupt associate" - and how does the ICAC know this when nobody has yet been charged or convicted?
Homes raided in football-fix probe
HK Standard, 7-Jan-2014
Hong Kong's Own Goal
It's a goal! No, we're not talking about the consolation goal that Brazil let in at the end of a 7-1 thrashing of Hong Kong, but the own-goal scored by the HKFA in its ticketing strategy. We look at the economics of event pricing and suggest a better, market-driven approach to ticket sales, which should reduce the amount of public subsidies in HK sports and arts. These subsidies are in direct conflict with HK's free-market philosophy. (13-Feb-2005)

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