Censure of G.A. (8126) and ex-directors
SEHK, 13-Apr-2018
The Exchange says the responsibilities of GEM Compliance Officers "must be taken seriously". A series of connected transactions went undetected for 8 years despite "purported" internal controls. We note that Mr Loh Nee Peng has been in trouble before, criticised by the Listing Committee in 2006.
G.A. Holdings (8126): Chairman Luo Wan Ju was bankruptResignation announcement
Company announcement, 25-Oct-2016
This follows a Webb-site complaint to HKEX on 20-Aug-2016 that the company failed to disclose the past bankruptcy of Mr Luo Wan Ju, formerly known as Loh Kim Her, when he was reappointed. Interestingly, he was ordered bankrupt in Singapore in March 2004, but he served as Managing Director until 9-Jul-2004, and when he resigned, it was "to spend more time to pursue his own business" with no mention of the bankruptcy. A bankrupt director is automatically disqualified under the Articles of Association of GA.
G.A. (8126): breaches of Listing Rules
Company announcement, 27-Sep-2016
Now the company discovers that Mr Zhao was also a director of another subsidiary starting 19-Oct-2008, so the period of undisclosed connected transactions goes back 8 years.
G.A. (8126): breach of Listing Rules on connected transactions
Company announcement, 21-Mar-2016
The company now admits that the breaches go back years, since Mr Zhao became a director of a subsidiary in 2009.
G.A. (8126): breach of Listing Rules on connected transactions
Company announcement, 15-Mar-2016
The company wrongly claims that this situation only arose on a change in the Listing Rules on 1-Jul-2014. In fact, the rules had always covered directors of subsidiaries.
G.A. (8126) discovers that a vendor is a connected person
Company announcement, 14-Mar-2016
Mr Zhao Guiming controls the vendor. He was a director of a wholly-owned subsidiary of G.A. until 26-Apr-2015, less than a year ago.
G.A. Holdings (8126) appoints ED "Dr" Tan Cheng Kim with "solid educational qualification" from bogus universityOur article of 24-May-2010.
Company announcement, 16-May-2012
Lincoln University, Inc was covered in our article of 24-May-2010, as was Asian Knowledge Management Association and its "college", ACKM.
Censure of Company and Chairman, Criticism of executive directors
SEHK, 29-Mar-2006
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 17.16 & 17.17
Company announcement, 28-Feb-2005
Breach of GEM Listing Rule 17.15
Company announcement, 16-Aug-2004
Breach of GEM Listing Rules 17.15, 17.17 & 17.18
Company announcement, 24-Jun-2004

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