1 Company, 3 Chairmen
Company announcement, 14-Nov-2019
There are 2 possibilities here: 1: Hydoo (1396) has come up with an entirely new and better way of running a board of directors; or 2: they don't have a clue what they are doing. By the way, they also have 2 CEOs, including 1 of the Chairmen. What could possibly go wrong?
Hydoo (1396) removes Chairman Wong, replaces him with brother Wang
Company announcement, 25-Aug-2014
Hydoo (1396): Chairman "assisting the Authorities"
Company announcement, 23-Jul-2014
The company is apparently still unable to contact him.
Hydoo (1396): Chairman uncontactable
Company announcement, 14-Jul-2014
Apparently his son, the CEO, can't contact him either. They don't say that they don't know where he is though, just that they can't contact him.

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