FUJIAN NUOQI Co., Ltd 福建諾奇股份有限公司

SFC seeks disqualification of Au Yeung Ho Yin, ex-CFO of Fujian Nuoqi (1353)
SFC, 4-Jun-2019
Reasons why Fujian Nuoqi (1353) mainland listing was rejected by CSRC on 9-Nov-2011
CSRC, 27-Aug-2014
Fujian Nuoqi (1353): Chairman pledged our deposits for loans
Company announcement, 19-Aug-2014
Fujian Nuoqi (1353): money was transferred, reports made to police
Company announcement, 31-Jul-2014
Fujian Nuoqi (1353): chairman uncontactable
Company announcement, 25-Jul-2014
The company says Mr Ding Hui has been uncontactable "for four days" - which could include the time at which it made the first announcement stating it (and all the responsible directors) knows no reason for the initial price drop.
Au Yeung Ho Yin resigns as ED of Fujian Nuoqi (1353) "due to health problem"
Company announcement, 25-Jul-2014
But he is still healthy enough to be CFO and Company Secretary. He was promoted to Executive Director on 14-Jun-2014, just 7 weeks earlier. The stock dropped 53.5% in the last 3 trading days before suspension on 23-Jul-2014.
Fujian Nuoqi (1353) stock suspended after 53.5% 3-day price drop
Company announcement, 23-Jul-2014
Fujian Nuoqi (1353) knows no reason for 32.6% share price drop today
Company announcement, 21-Jul-2014
Unlike all previous announcements since listing, this announcement is not signed by Chairman Ding Hui but is signed by Ding Canyang, his brother and executive director. Each of the directors takes responsibility and there is no mention of Ding Hui being uncontactable.

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